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Sea Salt Soaks

Sea salts can be very helpful during the healing process of a new piercing; especially with an unhappy or irritated piercing. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before any contact with your fresh piercing. You can do sea salt soaks 2-3 times daily during your healing period. The mixture should be 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt to 8ozs of distilled water. You may wish to mix up a large batch of this by mixing 2 teaspoons of the salt to 1 gallon of distilled water. Before using, warm the amount of the solution you will need. Then you will soak your piercing in one of three ways. Where feasible, put the mixture in a cup and use the cup to form a vacuum seal, with the edge of the glass against the skin surrounding the piercing. The other two options are to put the mixture into a container and drop the piercing into it, or soaking cotton buds in the mixture and then place these around the piercing.
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