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acScent Crystals $4.00
Fragrance crystals
8 ounce tub

• Our AacScent Crystals are all natural
• Made of Premium coarse sea salt
• Pure eScential/Fragrance Oils or blends
• No additives or chemicals
• Versatile and affordable
• Our acScent Crystals make fantastic potpourri accenting any room in your home or office.
• Simply display one or more of your favorite scents in an open bowl, glass dish or container and set out.
• For best results, leave them out where the air circulates; near a fan, open window or air conditioner
• acScent Crystals can also be placed in sachet bags to be used as pillow or drawer sachets or display in your car.
• These are very popular as Wedding and Party favors.
• Pouring one fourth cupful into your tub will help rejuvenate your body
and chase away the stresses of the day.
• acScent Crystals can be used in Potpourri burners (electrical/non-electrical).
• Place a hand full in the bag of your vacuum cleaner, as you vacuum a room in your home to enjoy the scents of Hawaii.
• Half a cupful can be used in your central air condition wall unit to enhance a scent of tropical paradise when turning your air conditioner on.
• If your sink disposal starts to smell like old food simply pour a handful of our acScent Crystals down the drain and run your disposal. This will not only get rid of the odor, it will also sharpen the blades in the disposal too!!

Not for eating: The salts should not be used as any sort of seasoning and should not be ingested. Our products are not chemically toxic, but they are not meant for eating.

Please note: Orders are shipped out every Thursday.
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