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Salty Tidbits

What makes flamingos pink? (their shrimp and worm diet, in salt ponds)

Salt is a primer in the production of soy sauce

Why is corned beef is called corned? (from the small bits of salt, or corns, used to cure it)

Ketchup evolved from a salty anchovy sauce.

We shouldn't forget the salt that went into the words, "salami" and "salad."

Salt makes even sweet food taste better, as food processors know so well.

In the United States, only 8 percent of salt production is for food.

The Great Wall of China was funded by salt revenues.

A solid, unpretentious, trustworthy person is "the salt of the Earth." A sensible individual knows to how to take exaggerated claims "with a grain of salt." A good employee is "worth his [or her] salt."

Americans today, with the freshest and broadest food supply in history, eat more than twice as much salt on average as Europeans did at the height of their dependence on food salted for preservation in the centuries before refrigeration.

Morton's Salt may not be trendy, but the story of how Joy Morton revolutionized the salt industry, first in 1911 by adding magnesium carbonate to make salt flow more freely (this is why when it rains, Mortonís still poursÖ..HAHAHA!), then in 1924 by adding the nutrient iodine, is an American success story worth telling. Today Morton is the largest salt company in the world.

Tabasco was what the McIlhenny family came up with when their salt-mining business dried up after the Civil War.

Roman soldiers were partly paid in salt money, salarium argentum. It is said to be from this that we get the word soldier - 'sal dare', meaning to give salt. From the same source we get the word salary, 'salarium'. Hence "salary" and "worth his salt."

The widespread superstition that spilling salt brings bad luck is believed to have originated with the overturned salt cellar in front of Judas Iscariot at the Last Supper, an incident immortalized in Leonardo Da Vinciís famous painting.
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