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Meles (Songs) of Our Scents

Blue Hawai`i - by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger

Lei Gardenia- by Charles E. King

Ku`u Ipo(My Sweetheart) - by John Noble & Andy Iona Long

Liliko`i- Kealoha Aona & Vicki I`I Rodrigues

Lei Lokelani- Words & Music by Charles E. King

Maile Lei For Your Hair- Norman Kaye

Lei Mokihana- by John K. Almeida

Lei Pakalana- Traditional

Lei Pikake - by Barry Flanagan & Kiope Raymond

Pua Hinano- Words & music by Puakea Nogelmeier

Pua Kenikeni - Traditional

Lei Pua Kenikeni - John K. Almeida

Pua Tuberose - by Kimo Kamana

White Ginger Blossoms - Words & Music by R. Alex Anderson

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  • Pua Kenikeni

  • Tuberose

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  • Blue Hawaii

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