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We are a Hawaii-based company, owned and operated by women born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands. We are widely recognized for the unique consistency of our super fine bath salts. Many of our satisfied customers are just amazed at how it made them feel. Talk about a healthy addiction!!!

We have been featured in international publications and have been guests on local television shows where the highlight is always how "true-to-real" our scents are, and about the amazing consistency and quality of our specialty bath salts. No one does bath salts like we do.

Satisfied Ahhhloha Bath Salts, ETC. Customers!
Wholesale and Retail Products:

  • acScents (fragrance crystals)

  • Gel Scents

  • Body/Linen Spray Mists

  • Roll-On Body Scents (perfumes)

  • Lotions

  • Specializing in the Scents of Hawaii

  • Plumeria

  • Pikake

  • Lilikoi

  • Blue Hawaii

  • Pakalana